We produce billboards in a variety of sizes and locations to fit our clients needs. We have locations in high traffic areas throughout BC, from Williams Lake to Terrace. We provide full-service including finding a location for your billboard, designing your billboard advertisement, printing and producing the billboard, constructing the frame and installation.

We use pressure-treated lumber to build the frames for our billboards and aluminum composite for the billboards themselves to ensure maximum durability. We produce billboards with reflective vinyl for high visibility night and day.

We provide land-leasing options in various locations in the Pacific Northwest. These land-lease options are available on an annual basis and are located in high-traffic areas across the Northwest and the Interior of British Columbia.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common sizes for billboards?

We mainly produce 10′ by 20′ or 8′ by 16′ billboards which are composed of composite aluminum panels. However we can produce any size billboard to fit your location or needs.

What kind of options do I have to make my billboard “pop”?

Most of our billboards are produced with reflective vinyl to increase visibility at night and really make the billboard “pop”. This is a standard option, but we can produce non-reflective billboards. We also can create custom die-cut panels to create a 3D effect to the billboard, such as an arrow, circle, or any other shape you can imagine to add on to your billboard!

Where can I have the billboard installed ?

We have various areas throughout BC to install and showcase your billboard in high traffic areas. Please contact us to inquire if your desired location is available.

What kind of costs are associated with producing and installing a billboard?

We take care to quote out each job to give our clients the best possible value for their advertising. Generally there are two quotes that are involved with billboards. One for the production, design and installation of the sign. And another for the land-lease where the billboard will be installed. Contact us for a free custom quote.

 What’s a land-lease?

The land lease is the monthly rate (billed annually) in which you incur for having your billboard on the land. We provide 1 year, 2 years or 3 years plans for our locations. Contact us for rates and availability.